About the COMPOSER


Adrian Moscalu, also known as dyathøn, is a piano music composer who was born in Moldova in 1994. e started creating music in 2011 and released his first album of piano music in 2015. dyathøn is a highly prolific composer, having produced more than 20 piano music albums in his career so far.

One of dyathøn’s most popular compositions is a piano piece titled “Hope” from album Decadence. The emotional and moving melody has resonated with fans all over the world, earning dyathøn a dedicated following among fans of contemporary piano music. Many listeners describe dyathøn’s compositions as having a deeply introspective and meditative quality, creating an immersive listening experience that can be both calming and uplifting.

In addition to his work as a solo artist, dyathøn has also worked as a ghost composer, contributing to a variety of piano music artists.

dyathøn has also composed original soundtracks for video game “Moonscars”. His work in the gaming industry showcases his ability to create music that enhances the immersive experience of gameplay, adding a layer of emotional depth and storytelling that draws players further into the game’s world.

dyathøn continues to create new music and inspire listeners with his piano compositions. With a dedicated fan base and a growing body of work, he is sure to remain a significant figure in the contemporary piano music scene for years to come.

PS. If you have come to read this page, then you are definitely part of the dyathøn family. For which I am very grateful. You are AWESOME!