Adrian Moscalu (DYATHON)

Adrian Moscalu  (born 29 March 1994) is a Moldovan composer. He began his career as an orchestral music composer, in 2013, but this was not what he really wanted, so in 2015 he started to compose classical contemporary music . His first album “Decadence” was released in 2015, followed by “Reverie” (2016), “Irrepressible (2017) and “Serenity”(2017) .


  Early life and education

Adrian was born in Mihăileni , small town from Republic of Moldova ,in a family of farmers . Adrian started composing his own music as a teenager, and first attempts to write music were when he was 16 years old. Even though the first works were unsuccessful, he wanted to learn how music works, and began studying the musical composition on his own .

After several years of study, and after some failed musical projects such as “Soul Flush” “DNJ-X” and “Toxic Lime” he  launched project “DYATHON” . After that, periodically began to practice piano lessons, and musical composition, from teacher Veronica Ciobanu . At the same time, in 2013 he entered the Technical University at Biomedical Engineering but after a year he left it because this was not what he wanted , and went to the Art Academy to study as Director of Photography” .

From the beginning music was a hobby for him , after which he grew into a desire to become a profession. At the moment he is the last year at the Art Academy, and all his free time devotes himself to music . As he says: “My greatest motivation was my fans who always encourage me and appreciate my music, so it gives me the power to write music even when I’m very tired” .