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Hello . Welcome to my site. Here you will find the latest news from the DYATHON world and more.      Also ,you can  shop online my  Albums , Singles , Midi Files and Sheet Music . I hope you will enjoy my works . Fell free to contact me if you have any questions ! Welcome to my world ! Best regards, DYATHON

  1. Yvonne
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    Hi, loved the music. Just downloaded all your songs & wii be attached to my headset all day till they run out of juice.. Where can I read The Who what when where & why of u.?
    Just wondering, stay safe.
    Hadran Alakh, Good buy,
    (when I say goodbye to people I stress that goodbye is never forever but merely a “for right now.” I also stresses the act of remembering each other while not in each other’s company. We may not see someone physically for years,(Or never)Lol, but their memory and memories with them remain with us and return to us often. Like your music
    Yvonne Vasquez de Garcia

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