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Finally, I released my new Album “Serenity” . It’s an album dedicated to the sentiment of love , and each song represents a certain period of time through which the protagonist of this history passes. You can support me for free by listening to my music on SpotifyDeezeer or Apple Music, and do not hesitate to distribute my music to all your friends, it costs you nothing, but it helps me a lot. At the same time, you can support my work by buying my music directly on my website (100 % revenue) , or on Bandcamp, Amazon or iTunes (65% revenue). You can also become my patron on the Patreon to get all my new stuff . Soon all the midi-files and Sheet Music will be added on my website. Thank you for your feedback and for supporting me like an independent artist . Now ENJOY my new Album “Serenity“. Best wishes, DYATHON



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  1. Henrietta
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    It’s probably that you’re too easy for others to understand or you’re investing a long time at a difficult

  2. Robt
    | Reply

    Needless to say, this issues to each player, thus do look it over initially before enjoying.

  3. Sergio
    | Reply

    It gets complicated and translated as a hazardous game having high stakes
    and just performed by mobsters.

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